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Recycling Outside The Big City Is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have To Be...

In the U.S. over 1,000 communities with populations greater than 20,000 lack material recovery facilities. Each of these communities generates over $1 million in recyclable material each year.

These commodities enter the community as products and packaging in one of the most efficient supply chains in the world. Unfortunately, it is mostly a one-way trip to the landfill. With regulations increasing, as we learn more about the negative aspects of landfilling, burying our trash is getting expensive.

The Revolution is the Answer to Your Single Stream Sorting Needs

A turn-key system that costs 50% less than the competition

Configured to match the needs of your current program and upgraded as your needs evolve

A 30% improvement over traditional systems gives you lower processing costs

The Revolution™ is the most flexible, productive and affordable sorting system on the market today

Incorporating material flow analysis and team dynamics, this simple sorting system makes single stream and dual stream recycling affordable for small communities. It can also sort consumer goods, packages and other material with superior results. Its modular approach allows it to grow with your program.

Unparalleled efficiency increases your profits

Working together on the Revolution, the sort team can flex and support each other as the mix of material changes or members can move to baling and take necessary breaks. This gives you a steady, continuous improvement in performance.

The bottom line: lower processing costs and more sustainable programs – jobs for people, profit for businesses and a healthier environment for the community.

Easy to operate, fast to deliver

Our simple, focused approach pays off in results for our customers. With centralized control on deck, your team leads can adjust feed rates, material depth, belt speed and debris removal to optimize the performance of their team

Thanks to Revolution’s patent-pending design, ordering and building your customized unit takes just weeks, which gives your organization a solution now, not in 8-12 months like other bulky products.

Recycling Challenge

Recently the EPA announced new rules for landfill operation that will significantly increase landfill development and operating costs. Rural communities will be harder hit by these added costs because they exacerbate the challenges of density and resource availability inherent in MSW management. Lacking the large recycling programs amilner-pilend processing facilities of larger towns, these communities are also more reliant on landfilling to dispose of their waste. The EPA expects the new rules to force the closure of over 200 landfills in the United States.

This reality can be a problem or an opportunity. Transporting waste and/or recycling out of town to a city with a compliant landfill and a capable recycling facility can be expensive. Jobs are lost locally and are then picked up by the receiving town.

We think the Revolution is the answer.

The Revolution Changes The Way Communities Recycle

* Results per 20,000 population